What’s The Home Decorating Look for 2018?

  We frequently get questions from clients who are taking on decorating and remodeling projects and want to ensure their dollars are invested wisely. Which looks will last for years to come, and which ones will feel dated quickly? What colors and styles are most popular among buyers in our area? How can I add […]

Franklin Selected As The 4th Best Place To Live in the U.S.

Money Magazine and Realtor.com have compiled the list of the Best Places to Live in the United States.  Franklin is number 4 on the list! The article cites all the things we already know and love about Franklin.  Friendly people, low taxes, great schools, great music, beautiful downtown, and job growth and creation   Here […]

Wealth Could Come Your Way – Here’s How

Wealth is within reach for many people; however, according to a recent study, 63 percent of Americans said it’s not likely they’ll become rich.1 While younger people are more likely to say they’ll achieve wealth one day, only 34 percent of people aged 30 to 49 and 21 percent of people aged 50 or older […]