The Home Equity Playbook

What is Home Equity? Home equity seems to be a very simple calculation — the total amount of mortgages owed subtracted from the current market value of a home. Here is a simple example: Current Home Market Value $325,000 Existing Mortgage $225,000 Homeowner Equity $100,000 One side of the equation is well defined, and it […]

What Happens After My Offer is Accepted on the House?

With trembling hands you’ve waited to see if your offer would be accepted on the house you can’t wait to call home. Joy fills your heart when your real estate agent tells you that the home seller accepted your offer. After you celebrate your victory, the unknown may sneak up on you and try to […]

Houses to Avoid When You’re a First Time Home Buyer

It’s an exciting time in your life. You’ve decided to step out there and purchase your first home. With so many options available, you may lose sight of what’s important when thoughts of your dream home produce those rose colored glasses. Here are a few houses you should avoid when you’re buying your first home. […]